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A Truly Kick-Gas Web Site


Looking to save money on gas? You could start making your own, like John Travolta in Phenomenon-he dies at the end of the movie. You could cram a golf ball under your gas pedal to limit acceleration-it'll roll under your brake the first time you make a left turn, and you'll end up like Travolta. Or maybe you could start checking, a newly developed Web site that tracks the lowest-and highest-gas prices around Ada and Gem counties over the previous 72 hours. Surfers, or drivers, or whoever, can search the site for brand-specific gas prices, diesel prices and even region-specific prices (surprise, surprise, the verdict on downtown gasoliers is gouge-o-rama).

The current winners, all at $2.15 per gallon are: 7-Eleven on Ustick at Maple Grove; Flying J on I-84 at Federal Way and on Overland across from Edwards Theaters; Maverik on Federal Way at Amity Road and on Franklin Road at Maple Grove; Fred Meyer on Overland at Five Mile Road, and Albertsons on Overland at Five Mile. The losers-although technically, they end up winning more money-are Jacksons and Chevron at Eagle and State; Husky on Meridian Road at Overland; Sinclair at the Boise Stage Stop; and Chevron at Gowen road and Eiseman. Happy gassing.

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